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HIP OPENING YOGA: First Chakra/ Joy Wolfe- YOGA DVD

DVD Features Include:
• 3 levels to grow with your practice
• Introduction to chakras and hip anatomy
• Breath focus
• 88 minutes of practice / 108 minutes running time
• Guided relaxation

Description: The hips can hold tons of tension. They are the meeting place of the upper and lower body. Tension from sitting for extended periods builds up in the spinal column, moves down to the sacrum and gets distributed into the two hip bones and many muscles. Standing for long periods of time, moves stress up the legs and directly into the hip sockets. The hips are more than accommodating to the various forms of stress and tension in the body. This results in limited range of motion and general stiffness in the area.
In this DVD, we’ll explore the many hip muscles with postures ranging from a gentle “Figure Four” to an advanced Pigeon pose. This exploration is a gentle process slowly opening the hips so that you can take some of the hate out of the hip opening postures and actually enjoy them! Yes, it is possible.
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DVD Credits
Executive Producer: Jane D. Wolfe
Producers: Calen Kennett and Joy Wolfe
Director: Katie Rasmussen
Music: Gavriel de Tarr

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