Teacher Training

300 hr. 2020  TEACHER TRAINING
• Has yoga changed your life?
• Have you been longing to share these life-altering changes with others?
• Then, you’ve felt the calling to become a yoga instructor!

Dear Yoga Trainee,

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 PRANANDA Teacher Training course. Check out the information below and when you are set…
1. Fill out both the Application and Ethical Conduct form.
2. E-mail forms to pranandayoga@gmail.com or
snail-mail them to the following address:
Joy Wolfe DBA Prananda Yoga
852 NW Sorrento Lane
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
If you don’t hear from us within two weeks please don’t hesitate to e-mail me to get an update. This is going to be a knowledge-filled and exciting training. It’s very intensive. Be prepared to put in some hard work with an incredible reward at the end! Remember the best students make the best teachers.
See you on the mats!
Joy Wolfe

The training will cover the following areas:
• Alignment/adjustment of basic asanas & (Classical, A & B) Sun Salutation
• Anatomy /physiology – In depth study includes compensation for injuries, medical conditions and body types.
• Yoga philosophy – Sutras, lifestyle, ethics of teaching, etc.
• Techniques of pranayama, basic kriyas, meditation, visualizations, chanting & breakdown of basic Sanskrit.
• Chakras – energetic properties and postures affecting them.
• Hands-on teaching, sequencing of postures, discussion on technique improvement & teaching to different learning styles.

PRANANDA Yoga is presently going under a restructuring of it’s teacher training.  We have found that a 300 hr. training will be much more conducive to covering the needed information and training. Stay tuned for more information.

• 2 years (or equivalent*) of yoga instruction with Joy Wolfe
• 100% commitment to the full 300 hours of training
• Full payment of $3100 by the 3rd month of the training (or 10% discounted payment of $2790 paid in full 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the training.)

Assist one on-going class of Joy’s for a month (within three months of graduation) Certificate of Achievement will only be signed when the full training, above assisting internship and the 6 classes outside of PRANANDA with 4 reports are all completed (and a hard copy given to me, no e-mail attachments please) within THREE months of the trainings’ end. No exceptions.
*Keep in mind that an extra weekend or day may need to be added depending on the pace of the training. Each trainee and therefore training varies. These training hours do not include the 45 classes you must attend with me as the instructor.

Joy Wolfe, Training Director:
Joy Wolfe is the founder of PRANANDA and a certified yoga instructor with over twenty years teaching experience. She has also taught anatomy and massage at the Massage School of Santa Monica. Joy has studied with such diverse teachers as Alan Finger, David Miliotis, Rod Stryker, Erich Schiffman, and Ana Forrest. She describes her teaching style as Classical Yoga; all the ‘limbs’, not just the asanas (postures).  There is a strong emphasis on the breath, along with alignment, chanting, and meditation. Care is taken to accommodate different levels of ability, body types and injuries.

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