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When you sign up for ALL FOUR CHAKRA WORKSHOPS by September 22nd,
they’re ONLY $100 (SAVE $20)

Pre-registration is required for all workshops due to printed material and space limited to 8 students.


Saturday, September 22, 2018;  1:00-4:00 pm
$30 per student, All levels welcome

     The hips are the meeting place of the upper and lower body. Tension from extensive sitting builds up in the spinal column, moves down to the sacrum and gets distributed into the two hip joints and surrounding muscles. Standing for long periods of time has a similar effect, with moving stress up into the legs and hips. This results in limited range of motion and general stiffness in the area.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the many hip muscles using postures ranging from gentle to more challenging over the course of three hours building up heat and flexibility.
Hip openers can be a love/hate relationship. What better way to explore this relationship with your hips than in a safe and fun environment? Contact Joy if you are interested: pranandayoga@gmail.com.

CORE/ABDOMINAL WORKSHOP (2nd & 3rd Chakra Focus)
Saturday, October 27, 2018;  1:00-4:00 pm
$30 per student, All levels welcome

     The core of your body:  belly, stomach, gut, hara, tummy, pouch, and spare tire.  It goes by many names ranging from endearing to outright demeaning.  Many have suffered trauma of some kind to the abdominal area: cesarean section, appendectomy, digestive problems and even lower back injury/pain fall into this category.

Other modalities of movement and exercise focus quite a bit on strengthening the arms, buttocks, legs and tightening the ‘gut’.  Tightening anything creates disconnection.  The core of your body is your power.  Power needs to flow to be functional and beneficial.  The abdominals connect the power of the upper and lower body.

To begin the connecting process to the belly, you must get to know it.  Breathing exercises (pranayama) and kriyas (cleansing movements) such as Agni Sara will be used to wake up the energy and strength in the second and third chakras.  Asanas such as Cat pose and Cobra will be analyzed to bring awareness and compassion to the abdominal area.

All levels are invited to this workshop.  PLEASE do not eat for at least two hours before this workshop.  Join us, Saturday, Oct. 27th and wake up that creative second chakra energy and gut strength third chakra energy!  Contact Joy: pranandayoga@gmail.com.



Saturday, November 17, 2018;  1:00-4:00 pm
$30 per student, All levels welcome

     The heart is an incredible organ with amazing amounts of strength.  It pumps an ocean of blood in our lifetime and endures all the emotional ups and downs in the affairs of the heart.

All of us protect our heart on some level, i.e. physically and emotionally.  “Armoring” from disappointment or heartbreak may give us a tendency to slouch or cave into the chest area.  Also, tightness stored in the upper back area is another way of closing down the ‘back door’ to the heart.

In this workshop we will explore the placement of the heart in the chakra system.  We will move through asanas (yoga postures) that will focus upon opening the heart and its surrounding areas. This exploration will bring us through Sun Salutes, gentle back bends (Cobra, Salabhasana…), working up to deeper back bends (Dhanurasana, Natarajasana…) that need the extra time to build up heat and flexibility.

What better way to investigate this myriad of emotions and give your own heart a gift in a safe and fun environment?  All levels are welcome.  So, come join us on Saturday afternoon and get to know your loving heart a little better.  Contact Joy: pranandayoga@gmail.com


Saturday, December 8, 2018;  1:00-4:00 pm
$30 per student, All levels welcome

     This workshop focuses on the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras.  The throat chakra deals with communication- speaking with courage through your higher intelligence.  The sixth chakra- the third eye (forehead) is your center of higher intelligence or your intuition.  We all have intuition; it’s just a matter of exercising it and making it stronger.  The seventh chakra at the crown of your head is the opening to enlightenment.  An open body (asanas), mind (meditation) and spirit (breath) are the key to the seventh chakra.

In this hectic world, it is inevitable to have blockages in these areas.  They are workable and not impossible hurdles.  Pranayama (breathing techniques) such as Viloma and Ujjayi breathing, Kapalabhati and Nadi Sodhana will be broken down and practiced. Chanting will be taught in a very palatable fashion to begin to get comfortable making sound and truly feel its benefits.  Visualization, concentration (dharana) techniques and guided relaxations will be practiced to be able to bring them into ones daily yoga and meditation practice.

This is a wonderful in which to partake during the holiday season.  Give a gift to yourself.  Contact Joy: pranandayoga@gmail.com.


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