All classes at Prananda are a combination of meditation, pranayama (breath work), vinyasa (conscious movement from one posture to the next, with the breath), alignment, mental and physical awareness; with class culminating in a relaxation and a basic mantra or chant). Yoga is not religious, it is a discipline for the body, mind and spirit to become more unified. The very definition of yoga is ‘union’ or ‘to yoke’.
ALL LEVELS OF ABILITY, BODY TYPES AND AGES ARE WELCOME THROUGH THE DOORS OF PRANANDA. Hence, our motto: “Yoga for EVERY body.” We welcome you with open arms to come in, challenge yourselves and become peaceful warriors of your life.

Stay tuned!  In the Spring of 2019, Prananda will be offering ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP. 

All levels- Everyone is welcome. Remedial and advanced options will be given in most postures to best serve your level.  You will be challenged, so be prepared to sweat.

Chair Yoga- Chair yoga increases ROM (range of motion) in the shoulder and hip joints and increases flexibility in the arm, wrist and leg muscles. It improves brain function with mid-line crossing postures that get the right and left side of the brain communicating more efficiently. It reduces blood pressure and anxiety with relaxation techniques and it increases lung capacity with breathing techniques. There are many students who have improved their lung capacity to the point of decreasing lung medication and even not needing an oxygen tank anymore.

Gentle- This class is for beginners, older students, those recovering from injury and if you just want to chill out from your regular more intense yoga practice. It is a slower paced class, giving everyone time to transition from pose to pose. Focus will be upon breathing, bringing flexibility back into joints so that strength can then be built back up into the musculature.



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